reduce stomach fat

Many people think that if there was a special weight loss tablet, it would not have been bad. A tablet could be eaten to get rid of fat and excess weight. Actually, there are not available such tablets. But there is a vitamin that works a lot to reduce fat in your stomach.


Many people have known this vitamin as ‘Sunshine Vitamin’. And that is “Vitamin D”. Vitamin D keeps the bones strong and prevents cancer and diabetes, it is known. But very few people know that it can reduce weight.


According to a study published in the European Society of Endocrinology, Who have less vitamin D in their body the fat in their stomach has been seen more than others who have enough vitamin D in their body. Researchers found this result in a study of nearly 7,000 people.


Although the researchers found that the relationship between body fat and vitamin D has been found, experts say that vitamin D’s relationship with weight is similar. This means that the increase in the amount of Vitamin D can reduce the fat of the stomach.


The lack of vitamin D is not only responsible for stomach fat accumulation. Type 2 diabetes patients, Due to this vitamin deficiency may have a bad effect.


When sunlight is exposed on the skin 20 to 25 minutes daily, it produces enough Vitamin D for the body. But it is not possible for everyone to spend so much time outside. In this case, you can add vitamin D-fortified milk, orange juice to the daily diet. Also eat eggs, cod liver oil and mushrooms regularly. These foods are the natural sources of Vitamin D.


Vitamin D can take as tablets or capsules, but of course, talk to the doctor. Vitamin D cannot be eaten like a normal multivitamin. Taking this extra vitamin can cause harm to you. Even it can be stored in the body and can produce kidney stones. Due to these, it is better to take vitamin D from the natural source.


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