5 Bad Habits that Should Change Women to Stay Healthy

Today I will discuss 5 Bad Habits that Should Change a Women to Stay Healthy. Every women’s want good health. Women are more aware of good health than men. Everybody is doing a lot to stay healthy. But in return, the only emphasis is placed on diet and exercise, to maintain health. There are many other factors that are harmful to health we don’t notice that.


Many people forget these things. Women add to their routine some harmful activities without knowing that those are very harmful to their health.

Let’s be aware of 5 bad habits that we follow every day without knowing that those are very harmful to our health, and change those bad habits into a good habit.


Using regular high heel shoes

Those who have added high heel shoes to the daily routine should quickly change this habit. Of you using high heel every day you’re damaging your bones and spine.

Experts said that due to wearing high heels get excessive pressure on the joints of feet; there is a possibility of spinal cord injuries, toes may be twisted and attacked. So keep high heels just for any party or ceremony. Change the habit of wearing high heels regularly.

On the day when you will wear heels, keep the feet in the hot water after coming back home.


Carry a Heavy Handbag

Many women carry a big handbag, weighing two to five kgs. It is surprising, however, may be those women really do not know about the weight of their handbags themselves. Many women may do not know actually how many things are really needed and how many not but they are carrying with them. But carrying this heavy bag brings you diseases like neck, shoulders and spinal cord.


Change the habit of carrying huge and heavy bags to eliminate the fear of these diseases. Just take the emergency things in the bag. Buy a small bag, which will reduce the habit of carrying heavy bags.


Fall asleep without removing makeup

At the end of the day, women’s return at home and without removing makeup because of tiredness they go to bed to sleep. But it’s a terrible mistake. If the makeup stays on your skin whole night due to closed pore your skin will damage and acne.

So change this habit. Put cotton and makeup remover beside the bed. Do not go to sleep with makeup how much tired you are.


Past Rumination

Many girls in our country do this. According to research, women are more susceptible to mental stress than men. Every people have their past, but there is no reason to spoil the present for the past.


If you drag the past memories repeatedly now, the pressure and trouble will increase. It affects the body and brain. Do not fall into the past. Keep yourself busy at work; whenever you think past, draw attention to anywhere else.


Do not have proper sleep

Being too angry? Or are you feeling very tired? Blaming the work pressure or on the stress. But the real reason is not enough sleep. Regularly 7-8 hours of sleep physical’s biological demand. The less sleep is affected body a lot. Many women in our country do not adequately sleep.


Start from the office going women to all of the housewives having less sleeping habits. But if this practice does not change quickly, the risk of heart attack can increase greatly. Try to sleep daily for 7-8 hours. Make a routine of go to sleep and wake up. Many health risks will be reduced.


Change these 5 bad habits to stay healthy and let me know by commenting below that which bad habit do you having from this 5. I hope you will change your bad habits to become healthy.


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