short heighted girl

Are you short heighted girl? Was surprised to see the title? Thinking how to increase the height by the dress? The dress will not make you tall, but if you wear a dress by following some techniques, you will look taller.

So, those who are feeling bad to have their low height, follow some of these techniques to look you tall.

Wear a solid color dress:

solid color dress

Typically, a solid color dress covers various physical flaws. So wear dark shades of the solid color dress. It will show you tall.

Do not wear the large printed dress:

large printed dress

Large bright printed dress reveals a lot of physical appearances. It will make you look short and fat. To avoid large printed clothing as much as possible.

Wear long length designs dress:

maxi dress

Choose a stylish long length or stripe design dress. It shows a little higher height. Avoid cross designs dress.

Avoid Color Contrast:

Avoid as much contrast color in clothing. It will show you shorter.

Wear a small sleeves dress:

Wear the small sleeves instead of the full sleeve or the three-quarter sleeves cloth. You will look tall.

Pants and shirt types:

Do not wear too much loose pants. Avoid Bell Bottom or Divide Pants. You can wear jeans, leggings or narrow cut pants, effortlessly. It will look taller. But if your legs are too slim, wear straight cut pants.

Tops selection:

The tops should be more careful chosen. Because all types of tops do not look good to short heighted people. Frock type or circular tops should not to be long size; in this kind of long length size dresses, you will look shorter. And wear such lengths that cover your Thai. It will show you taller.

Different types of wearing sari:

The design of saries and styles can also enhance your height. Wearing wide and heavy work saries, tall people also look shorter. Instead of the big border design saries, choose small border designers sari.

Were these tips helpful to you? Let me know by commenting below.

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