natural look makeup

In the wedding or any ceremony we create heavy makeup look. In the meantime, we should not lose our natural beauty. See the beauty expert’s advice on how to make natural makeup look to make you attractive.

Avoid the heavy foundation as much as possible for the base makeup. It is better to apply bases with the Matt Foundation during the day.

If the skin is oily, then the loose powder should use and then the foundation. Makeup will last long in this way. Whatever the skin, it’s better to end the base makeup with compact powder.

In the night makeup use ‘liquid foundation’ for oily skin and ‘creamy foundation’ for dry skin. Then use pancake.

We use pancakes in a heavy makeup look, pancakes generally yellow and pink, these two color pancakes are used. First, use the yellow pancake, then mix the pink shade pancake with the color of the skin.

In all cases, base makeup blending is very important. The better the blend makeup with the skin, the more ‘natural look’ will come. You can use ‘shimmer powder’ at night.

You can also highlight eyes. In that case, use the ‘natural skin color’ on the lips.

Whether it is light or heavy makeup, the shade of the eyes and the lips will be reversed.

The eyeliner, mascara, and shadow are used for eye makeup. In the day can be used either one or two without the use of three together. Mascara is preferable to Kajol and eyeliner.

Eyes look more intense on the Thick eyelashes. That can drag Kajal or the eyeliner. Three can only be used in the night.

Use matte lipstick on the lip.

Bluson is always good to be light. Even in the night party, there is no trend dark blush.

Some additional tips:

* Keep Cleansing Milk for removing makeup.

* Select the cosmetics match with skin type.

* Change Makeup Kit when the weather changed

* Buy a good brand products.

* Also check the quality and validity of the product.

* After expiry, the cosmetics are harmful for the skin.

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