flower face mask

Today I have come up with 5 Flower face mask that will enhance your beauty more.

Who does not want to see herself look beautiful! And the main key to beauty is that the beautiful face, everyone looks at your face at first.

You’ve used a lot of things to get beautiful skin, isn’t it? You got results from those tips but you didn’t have satisfaction results what you wanted.

Now, do not be attracted by market advertise and get your desire satisfaction by sitting in the house by flowers. The most beautiful elements of nature have come to make you beautiful naturally.

ROSE | Rose Face Pack

 face pack

We know that rose flower is very beneficial for our skin. Many of us use rose water as a toner. Now use the rose flower pack to make your skin beautiful.


Rose petal powder 2 spoons,

3 spoons of milk,

Flour 2 tablespoons.


Make a thick paste with three spoons of rose flower, three spoons of liquid milk and flour. Put that paste on the face. Then leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash with cold water. Make it one day in a week. You will get very good results.

PLUMERIA FLOWER  |  Plumeria Face pack

plumeria flower face mask

Who does not enjoy the great smell of PLUMERIA FLOWER? But along with the smell, this flower is also very beneficial for our skin. To make our skin smooth this flower is very effective.


6 flowers,

2 spoons basin,



Take a bowl 3 teaspoon of pea-flour mix well with the water. In the meantime, give flower petals. Use on your face. After 15min rub the face lightly faces. Do it two days a week. You will find great benefits.

HIBISCUS | Hibiscus Flower Pack

hibiscus flower face pack

Hibiscus flower is good for our hair we all know that. But also for your skin its result is very impressive? Try using this method. Get results in fast.


5-6 petals of hibiscus flowers,

2 tablespoons of flour,

3-4 rose petals,

1 spoon curd.


Mix all the ingredients in a container very well. Then apply on your face. Let it dry, once it a dry wash with normal water. It can use two days a week.

LOTUS | Lotus flower pack

lotus face pack

In the past, the queens rely on the lotus flowers for their beauty. Do you want the royal beauty? So today, make this pack of lotus flowers.


Some of the lotus petals,

3 tablespoons of milk,

A few drops of almond oil


Make a paste of lotus petals in a mixer with milk and almond oil. Apply that paste to your face. Massage by your finger. Then leave it for 15 min. Wash with cold water. You will see the result very soon by regular use of this face mask.

SUNFLOWER | Sunflower Face pack

sunflower face pack

This is so easy to find sunflowers nowadays. To make your face beautiful, use this sunflower blossom to get beautiful skin. The antioxidant component in it keeps your face tangled. As a result, the age does not appear soon to the skin.


Sunflower flower petals,

2 tablespoons lemon juice,

1 teaspoon sugar.


Take a flower of petals, lemon juice and sugar in a vessel and mix a little water with it. Now put this mixture on your face. After 15min spray some water on your face then rub slowly then wash your face with cold water. You will see a glance in your face immediately.

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