face pack for oily skin

In the morning, when you get up from sleep and see that the face is very oily. Touching my finger around the nose, there is a lot of oil in your finger. You every day you stand in front of the mirror and see that acne on your face, rash, all this has happened because of oily skin. You used a lot of things. But you didn’t get any result. Now, leave the market things and believe in the home-made face mask.


You must wash your face with soap every day. So stop this practice from today. If you use soap, your skin will become more dull and rough. And if you have acne or spots on your face, then you cannot use the soap.

Instead of soap use pea-flower to wash your face. Pea-flour will clean your skin from inside. And also help to make your skin bright. So start using the pea-flour from today.

Let us see how pea-flour can make your skin more beautiful.

1. Pea-flour and Tomato Face pack for oily skin

If you have acne marks on your face and the acne marks do not want to be vanishing easily, then you can make this face pack at home. Get great benefits.


2 teaspoons pea-flour,

Half tomato paste,

Aloe Vera Gel


Tomatoes should be well grated. Now add the two teaspoons pea-flour in it and mix with aloe Vera gel. Now you have to make a paste by mixing well with all the ingredient. Then apply this paste on face and keep it for 30 minutes until dry. Then wash the face with water. You will see the face is looking quite fresh instantly.

2. Pea-flour and Milk Face Mask for Oily Skin

This pack keeps the skin healthy and clean from inside.


3 spoons of pea-flour,

2 spoons of sandalwood powder,

Milk as needed


In a container take 3 spoons of pea-flour, milk and sandal powder(purchased from a good store) and mix well. Now put this paste on your face for 20 minutes until it gets dry. Then wash it slowly with cold water. It is very useful for oily skin. The anti-bacterial material of the sandalwood powder clears the skin from inside.

3. Pea-flour and Rose Water Face Pack for Oily Skin

We all know how well the rose water is beneficial for our skin. And there is nothing to talk about the benefit when the pea-flour added with rose water.


2 spoons of pea-flour,

3 spoons of rose water


In one container, 2 spoons of pea-flour mix well with rose water. Then put it in the face and keep it for 15 minutes and let it dry, after 15min scrub it slowly. Then wash with cold water. The rose water keeps the skin bright. You can use this pack every day.

Try this at home and get the best results.

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