bb and cc cream


BB and CC cream is a trendy cream now. These creams are available in various brands, formulas, shades, and prices. Many of us do not know, what is the specialty of these cream, how to use.


What are BB and CC Cream?

BB Cream

BB means beauty balm and in shortcut BB Cream. Initially, it was used for skin laser treatment. BB Cream is now used as a multi-tasking cream in the market. The specialty of BB Cream is that it is composed of skincare and makeup ingredients. This cream will give you all-in-one skin care. Protects skin from unhygienic skin, acne, spot. Moisturize your skin.



CC cream

CC Cream means Color Correction or Complex Care cream. BB Cream does not suit all skin tones, make skin oily, makeup cannot be taken properly. To solve these problems comes the CC Cream. CC cream easily sets on the skin, CC Cream provides more makeup look than BB cream, and skin doesn’t become oily. Lasts a lot of time. There is an element in the CC Cream, which helps to increase the skin’s collagen.

Collagen makes skin smooth, bright and enhances the life span of the skin cells.



How BB Cream and CC Cream Works 

Combination of foundation and sunscreen with a common moisturizer is BB and CC cream in a sense. That does not mean that you will use instead of your everyday use moisturizer and sunscreen. The material in it is not enough to protect you. You can use these creams instead of just foundation. Even if there is a dark spot on the face then there is no alternative to the consular. Both BB and CC cream work as a makeup base primer.



The disadvantage of BB or CC cream is it’s found only in two sheds. BB and CC cream is popular by boys too. It can be used easily. Even those who are interested in makeup but do not want to make that feel, BB and CC cream also popular to them.



Be careful while buying BB and CC cream


Match the color of your opposite side of hand and cream color. Check that the cream’s texture is matched with your skin properly.


Don’t buy Luminous and shimmer formula for oily skin. The best matte and gel-based formula best for oily skin.


You can choose Luminas, shimmer, any formula for dry and normal skin.


Buy BB cream if you have skin


* Sensitive


* Dry


* Burned in the sun


* Acne and acne filled.


Buy CC Cream if you have skin


* Oily


* Uneven


* Blur is very popular


* Fine line and age are filled with folds.


How to use BB and CC cream?



BB cream can be used in place of foundation or as a primer; this is a light weighted product. It helps hide skin imperfections, like redness or hyperpigmentation, also protect skin from sun damage and treat blemishes, spots, and fine lines. It’s easy to apply. All you need are your fingers or a makeup brush!



BB cream should be applied to clean skin. Wash your face using your favorite cleanser and gently pat your skin dry. Then, if you have oily skin, apply toner using a cotton ball. If you have dry skin, gently apply moisturizer. Then apply BB cream. But remember, when you use excessive, it will not sit on your skin properly, it will look like a mask. If you like, you can also use the brush to apply.



The same way you can apply CC cream too.


Now you know how to use BB and CC cream.


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